Espíritus Libres is a t-shirts brand featuring an elegant and minimalist streetwear style in black and white.

Izzie Ramírez, the creator of Espíritus Libres, is a Mexican graphic designer from the 70’s is considered part of the creative and artistic culture of the old school. Where the media were considered more from editorial than digital.

His creative projects are inspired by the black and white, and the concept of creating a collage from the digitization of printed media. The great feature of his designs are the details that are carried with great dedication to the drawing which makes this design a distinguished art.

Techniques designer handles are images that have to redraw or remake with Chinese ink and pens . Makes image search and see if any of these conditions and work from a photocopy.

His inspiration is related to urban art, urban expression, music, urban fashion, graffiti and skate to where the surf was derived within cultures that some time is recognized as being underground.